making money is difficult ,isnt it

@vikeyme (109)
March 15, 2010 5:25am CST
we i want to make some money on the internet ,i just find it is a difficult thing,its not easy as i you have the same feeling
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@bbxe99 (207)
• India
15 Mar 10
Definitely it's very tough - it's tough both offline and offline. But keep your eyes and brain open to find or to judge right opportunity. Besides LUCK also plays a big role. All the best. thanks
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@opsharma (318)
• India
23 Mar 10
I think that nothing is easy in the world, everything you can not get easily. You know without hard work you can nott get anything neither God gives you or allows you to get anything free. If you will get anything for free then then it required atleast a hard work else you need to invest money. You can say that you must invest something either money or dedication towards any work to achieve your goal. Please always note that you will get almost 80% success if your attitude is possitive towards your work.
@tonyllenium (6254)
• Italy
19 Mar 10
beh you know making money everywhere is difficult for all if not surely many people will try to do it often even online!! I think in mnay cases internet is just a mirror of our real life so you know how is difficult to make ood money in real life and so even on the net it would be not easy!!we can just try it and may be soem sucess stories will come!!
@eLsMarie (4346)
• Philippines
23 Mar 10
Yes... But I really find the earnings I get from mylot helpful no matter how small it is... It's just that earning money nowadays is hard and I'm glad that I'm patient enough to deal with the standards of mylot.
• United States
19 Mar 10
i really do have the same feeling. it is so difficult to earn some real money on the internet. but after searching enough and finding some good sites, it you find more new ways of earning. best of luck with earning.