what you will do when your heart is broken

@vikeyme (109)
March 15, 2010 5:37am CST
i will always run and then i become very tired ,then i would fell a little better,but i think the most important thing is time ,time can change everything.
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• Malaysia
31 Jul 10
Well, the broken heart is like a drop of water out of sea. I had beak up twice, every time i decided not to falling that deadly emotional feelings again but you never know when you get used to be with someone. My point is that i have seen some peoples so strong with heart that they are not effected with breakups and problems they always take these things lightly and don't get involved in what the one can feel. I really want to be like them always happy and wants to make happy other one as well.
@greyz7 (859)
• Philippines
4 Apr 10
hi, i always hang out with my friends, watch movies and above all PRAY.
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
We cant avoid being hurt when that special someone breaks our heart. what we can do though is keep moving. it feels like hell, i know, but if we just let this bother us then we ll be dwelling in the past. it s almost always not good to dwell in the past especially if that past is horrible. if we are going to dwell in the past then i think it s better to dwell in a nice past. like laughing with family and friends. this will keep us cheerful all the time and before you know it, you ve already forgotten about the sad past. it has been obliterated to pieces and it s never gonna bother you anymore.
@Andyvil (793)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
Whenever I feel down I also do some exercises. Go jogging or go to the gym and work out. I think time does heal the pain but it also helps to act on the things that put you down and counter it with something positive.
@umit_umit (1984)
• India
15 Mar 10
Its is very difficult to say what will a person do when his or heart is broken. The first will be a person will thought less. and he or she think why me. It also he depends on person to person. I would suggest one should not loose hope this be the right to happen. may the person was not for him or her. The life has to move on. Dont be sad or stop you life there. I would only just hold yourself. live the life to the fullest.
@rhya08it (87)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
The things that i always did i always spend my time eating i always hanged up with my friends so that i can forget that my heart is broken...