Seperation anxiety

United States
March 15, 2010 4:22pm CST
Does anyone know anything about this. When I live my little puppy cries, I can hear him clear down the street. Usually someone in the family who is still at home plays with him and he calms down. Is there any way to help him get over this, beyond letting him know I'll always come back?
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@nangisha (3498)
• Indonesia
17 Mar 10
Its happen too my dog, my dog even once hug my leg so I don't go. Now he can handle to left alone at home. I think we must understand why they feel anxious, patience and don't mad because it will be more anxious. I will talk to my dog before go and say good bye. when I got home will bring him something as treat, so he will understand if I go, it means I go to get food for him
@TheAdvocate (2393)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
Isn't it so cute how they are so like babies? If you live alone, then leaving an article that has your scent in it would be the best course of action. If someone is left behind with the dog, then you should develop a routine. That's what we do in the house. My other family members would show the dog that it is normal for another member to leave and he will return. They will wave goodbye to me and then follow me to the gate with the dog. Then in the afternoon, someone will sit with the dog near the gate to wait for my arrival. This way, he knows that I will come back. He usually gets it after a few days and will not cry any more when we leave.
@mysdianait (66224)
• Italy
15 Mar 10
Hi kitten! Can you give him some personal item of yours when you leave? A jumper for example so that he can snuggle up in it while you are away and know that you are near.