What is your greatest fear?

March 16, 2010 3:02am CST
Are you afraid of something? What is it and why? Do you think there will come a time that you will overcome that fear?
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@phoenix8606 (4977)
16 Mar 10
hello! my greatest fear is not to being alone- i mean that after years when i am done with my education and have found a good job and a home, to ha also a good wife and many kids, and not being single, without a wife and kids, sitting at home in front of the TV and going to work and then home again. for me this is really my greatest fear and hope it won't happen!
@kaka135 (14118)
• Malaysia
16 Mar 10
I believe my greatest fear is to lose someone I love, my family, my husband and my son. I just don't want to lose them, especially my husband and my son, I am too attached to them. I'm learning to detach from others, be it human or any objects. It's easier to be detached from objects, but not from human, especially the ones we love. But it's always good to learn that, though I do not think there'll be time for me to overcome this fear.
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
i think everyone of us have our own fears..,,but a thing in common is that we are afraid to loose our priorities and wants..,,,,it may also be because we stay away from things that could stimulate our goosebumps really hard..,, :)
@siliguri (4232)
• India
16 Mar 10
Frankly, speaking my greatest fear is what would happen of my soul when i die in future...i think this is not only my fear..there are many persons who has same fear that i has...
@eLsMarie (4348)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
I'm really scared of being alone but I don't depend on a lot of people. I just don't find helpful if I stay alone.
@iamamommy (163)
• United States
16 Mar 10
Im scared of the dark and im also scared of being alone. I dont know why, it was ever since I was a child but I havent over came this fear yet and I honestly dont think I ever will. But Im hopeing maybe oneday that I can get over it atleast a little bit.