What do you miss most about being a kid?

March 16, 2010 5:24am CST
I miss playing with other children, and of course my friends when I was a kid. I don't see them anymore. We used to play everyday but when we grew up, we don't have contacts with one another anymore. I also miss going to my grandma's house in the province every summer when I was a kid. What about you? What do you miss being a kid?
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• Philippines
11 Mar 12
i missed being spoiled by my parents when i was a kid. they used to give me a lot of things which really makes me happy and compensate me as a child. like toys, foods and etc...
@besthope44 (12123)
• India
31 May 10
Well i feel i never missed anything at my childhood. Happy days! I would say i miss my that life.
@choybel (5042)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
I miss not having plans for tomorrow other than the daily routine and which game to play and where and with whom, etc. I miss not worrying about money and other adult problems. I miss enjoying cartoons and appreciating toys. I miss having innocent crushes and dreaming of reaching out for ambitions.
@gracie04 (4549)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
I miss being a kid.. i miss playing with my childhood friends.. believe it or not, i was one of the guys... i play with my older brother's playmates.. we usually play computer games like mario and luigi, pacman and many more... sometimes, i go out to play kite flying with them... good thing, my brother's always there to guide me... i also miss eating anyting i wanted without paying a dime.. i miss eating white toblerone, hershey's, mcdonalds and other fast food chains. LOL.
@sunkernjs (219)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
I miss gardening in school and at home. My favorite herb to plant is Pechay. I always water them every afternoon with my improvised watering can made from sardines. I cultivate and make fences. I hate ducks for they destroy them easily. I miss my goat. He has no name but to describe him he is tall, pure black and funny. Funny because he always kneel when he poops. He loves to eat wild tamarind (camachile). I also miss playing hide and seek until all of my playmates complain that they want another game. I also miss swimming in the river and gather clams for picnic. Also fishing during post storm because fishes tend to go out for food. The thing I miss most was flying kite with my grandpa. He makes the best kite. Those days will be cherished. And I will see to it that my children will experience them too.