accuracy of the bible

@jobmoone (442)
March 16, 2010 10:05am CST
even I still wonder the accuracy and authenticity of the bible. I may not have any evidence or proof to present what the bible really stand nowadays...only those who live and follow the teaching in the bible represent their testimony for the bible.
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• Malaysia
17 Mar 10
hie, jobmoone, i use the new international version and new living version. i find these 2 bibles are good. when in church service, the pastor refers to the books and chapters plus the verse, mine is fine. the Bible is my reference and i read it everyday and meditate on The Word of God . have a blessed day.
@jobmoone (442)
• Philippines
18 Mar 10
oh, that's good. I used them too. I love to read and learn how the bible interpret itself. God bless us always.
• India
28 Mar 10
If anyone would try to see Bible as a book in Moral Science, then he would never understand what the Bible is. The religion, which aims to guide the human conduct, is not a true religion. The religion, which takes upon itself the responsibility to take care of the morals of its people with divine help, is the true religion. Reading about King Salomon's wisdom will not bring you closer to God. If anyone thinks that memorizing Salomon's wisdom will make him Christ like the one he has sadly mistaken. You cannot become spiritual by acquiring knowledge. Those who try to become knowledgeable by studying the Bible might become wise in sight of men but they would be utterly foolish in sight of God. The Bible has a central theme. The theme is, "In the beginning God gave his word; God kept his word, and he came to abide amongst us as his own Son". God gave His word you will find in God's covenant with Abraham's descendants. God would keep his word you will find in the words of Prophets. God kept His word you will find in the Gospels. He came to abide as his own son you will find in virgin birth of Jesus. John, Jesus' disciple had made a mention of this theme at his book at chapter 1 verse 1. He said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." There is no reason to doubt the accuracy and authenticity of the bible. Please do not read the portions, which are not accurate and authentic.
@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
28 Mar 10
The Bible is accurate and authentic, but then one comes down to what version is the most accurate, that is what one is more closer in translation to the original Hebrew and Greek. This is where one has a problem and in that case, it depends on who you listen to or who you read. The form of the Bible as it now stands with the canon books is the true word of God and so if someone adds the book of Thomas or the Apophocrya that is an addition of man, and even though one can learn from the latter, it is not God inspired, but only man inspired - a good man, etc, a woman resists the advances of -etc. Now when it comes down to versions like the KJV that has the received text or the others who have mostly the critical text, or those that are word for word such as the KJV and the NASB and those that are thought based such as the NIV or paraphrase such as the Message, that is another subject altogether. And sometimes that version of the Bible has a message under one of the chapters or verses missing that appears in other versions such as the KJV that one often is unsure. Someone who is already a Christian and is grounded in the faith, will believe no matter what, but what of a new beginner? Then you have the problem of what version is the most authentic and was the critical text found in the Vatican in a waste paper basket or was it the original and the other text not as old? It depends on what you read.
• Portugal
24 Mar 10
I think you are mixing terms. Historical events described in the bible has been proven wrong many times. Some are even scientifically ridiculous. There goes your accuracy. By authenticity what exactly do you mean? That the message in it is the same as when it was first written? That it truly is the word of god?
• India
20 Mar 10
What is your question? I don't think I quite got what you are trying to communicate through your post. Whether the Bible is authentic or not if you apply the test like the way you apply for other manuscripts then you will get the result. Unfortunately, the Bible is very authentic as a document. When one applies the test the authenticity is better than other ancient manuscripts.
• Jamaica
19 Mar 10
This discussion of the Bible is a long and never ending discussion that will take many to their graves and many will have fame from it. There is a reason why men cannot prove or disprove the Bible, that reason is that they shouldn't otherwise faith will have no place in existence. Though it is true that the Bible cannot be proven and there is a possibility that it presents a whole lot of lies remember this the Bible teaches faith and wisdom. It contains a lot of metaphor and symbols which is one of the major reason why people are confused trying to determine which is true fact and which is symbols that makes a general point
@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
..hi.. you're right.. only those who have read and followed the teachings in the bible can attest the accuracy of it.. In my case, I used the bible as my daily coach or guide in everything that I do.. so before I start doing anything for the day, I always spare a time to read the bible first.. At the end of the day, I realized that I have accomplished something and I feel at peace and calm even if the job for the day seems stressful to others.. The bible helps me take things lightly.. I do believe that the bible is accurate enough.. maybe not everything is written there, however, the basic foundation of things are in it.. we just have to expand it to understand more..