What is the best way to educate yourself??

March 17, 2010 9:14am CST
Let me start with this statement:"Are you tired of studying?" Is there a way that can help improve the system of education? If your answer is YES, then this advice may be the possible answer to the problem. "Education begins in oneself." It is not really the parents nor the teachers induce education to you, but it is you, yourself. Also, no one can force you to take in Education, but it is in your hands whether you will accept it or not. "Education begets learning." It is in Education where you can get the knowledge about all things that surround you, even the intangible ones. In this, we can say that Education is important to us. " Learning is personal." In order to educate yourself the best way, you must refocus yourself - thinking that learning is a priviledge, not a burden since one's emotion can affect one's thinking.This may be not the best way to educate you since we have diffect perspective towards education, what is important is that you must enjoy learning, and in that way, you can find the enjoyment of Education.
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