tax time - do you use online help? online submission or through local company?

March 17, 2010 12:39pm CST
i keep seeing ads now about tax help and have read quite a few tax article online it sure is a great help to understand it better but like always you always wonder if you are doing it right - will you get some money in return or will you owe IRS in the end. the later one is the most scary one because you never know how much you will owe, i know one time it happened and the 5 figure amount almost kill me :) fnny now but not so when you open the envelop or you see the figure when you are using a software. most of us now use software to help us, there is taxact and turbotax to check. i have used turbotax a few times and so far it is helping me knowing i dont know much about it - who knows anyway? having said all this, what is your ways of submitting your tax return? the local company like H&R block often says they will do the work better than the software one but you have to weigh the cost of their fee versus the cost of the software. do you really get more using human or computer? i dont know much about the pros' and cons of two and maybe you can help me understand it better, for someone old and still not used to the system it will be very appreciated knowing i can learn something new in this process. thanks a bunch! as always, bluemoon
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@musicman6 (2405)
• United States
19 Mar 10
Personally, I like taxcut(i think it is HR Block , now) better than Turbotax ! Turbotax takes up too much memory! Taxcut is easy to follow, especially if you don't know that much about taxes! You just follow the step by step instructions, and it's pretty good about doing the tax return! Also it highlights the forms that are needed to send in to the IRS, when you mail a tax return in !
• Canada
17 Mar 10
I usually just file and figure eveything out myself as I ahve a univesity bachelor in accounting and have all the programs and knowledge at home and at my fingertips. But if I dont do it myself I go through a local company (either public or private, dosnt matter) as long as I can get to it and trust it.