new gadget to help the blind see

March 17, 2010 1:40pm CST
i love to see new technology helps us in a different level. i was delighted to see this news that a new gadget (read teh whole news artickle here: (that was a lot to type since i cannot paste it yet haha) can help the blind see, of course there is a PRICE to pay (10,000 pound) but if you can afford it then why not right? i just wish there will be more studies about stem cell research because i believe they are the future to help the sickness and the blind and everybody who needs physical help. anyway, gadgets always amuse me in a very great way because i feel this is the future we all deserve be rich or poor. i hope this gadget will be more affordable if it will go through the market to help the blind be able to see again - if they cannot pursue the stem cell one. this will be a great help to our soldiers who got blind from the war or to those who acquire it from accident and or birth. no matter what this new development is a good reason to believe that technology is something that helps our world for betterment. hopefully this will drive some other new technology to help not only humans but as well as the animals and our world in general. as always, bluemoon
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@bobcFla (45)
• United States
17 Mar 10
I am completely in agreement with you about stem-cell research. Being a diabetic for over 30 years I am very interested to see what the seemingly endless possibilities are for this new technology. Unfortunately we need to get Congress to see it our way and that is a huge obstacle.
• Canada
17 Mar 10
I think taht gadget sounds really cool. I dont really understand how it would work but its still amazing. If I was blind I know I would look into it. The only prblem I forsee with it is the price and maintenance. There is somuch tchnology that helps people and so much more technology to be discovered that will continue to help mankind.