Need knowledge First !

March 17, 2010 9:25pm CST
I you are a newbie it is quite easy to believe everything what you find online, and people are often trapped by scams. So beware! I am no saying it is not possible but few $$$ here and there can be done through some sites with consuming time/ I think the best thing to do: join some free courses online & forums to have an idea. Maybe this one is interesting/ I am not subscribe.
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@baba2020 (80)
• India
18 Mar 10
You absolutely right in many situations. I dont know about this type of sites are giving money or not... I dont want to waste my time... wht do you say. do u have any experiance?
@amonyel (122)
• Hong Kong
18 Mar 10
It's very important to read the Terms of Service or fine prints before investing/enrolling. If you're new to any website, don't invest rightaway. Wait and see if the website really suits you and/or any complaints from other users.
• Australia
18 Mar 10
You can delete anytime my message if an offense is done with TOS.I wrote honestly to share & help others viewers and I don't see anything wrong on my link, thanks.
• United States
20 Mar 10
i really agree with you. it is essential to know about the sites that you are planning to earn from are legit. i think that if you research the sites first to find out if it is legit is the best thing to do. it is hard to find real legit sites. but atleast it is possible to earn online. it is a great way of earning.
• United States
18 Mar 10
I have been successfully earning online for 10 plus years. As long as you - Do Your Research - Be Dedicated - Stay Focused - Have Discipline you can do it as well. I stress research in many of the discussions here that I am a part of. It is an ongoing learning process. I research new programs daily...I keep up on the latest SEO as I earn from my own domain website/blog.