Heavy Rain (PS3)

March 18, 2010 8:59pm CST
i ve recently played this game on ps3 console. i gotta say, the graphics are downright eyecatching and it s very detailed to the normal maps of each of the character s clothing. and this while in gameplay, mind you. the story, they say, revolves around 4 main characters trying to solve the mystery behind the killings of a notorious kidnapper called the origami killer. the 4 characters try their best to uncover who this anonymous killer really is and to save a kid who s father is one of the main characters in the story. what i like about it is it s more reality based than mysterious, black magic type, or thriller type game like silent hill. the writer undisputedly captured my interest without using any of the paranormal or magical elements commonly used on video games. it s more like a playable movie to me. to add more, the outcome of the story is based on the decisions that you make during the gameplay. and if a character dies, the game still goes on. there are no game overs. how about you guys? have you heard about this game? what do you think?
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