working in hometown or in a big, crowded, international city?

March 19, 2010 2:18am CST
After i graduated from university,i went to a big city and worked there as a safety engineer for more than half and two years.As everyone know,there are many high buildings,the most fashion stuffs,and more and more opportunities for work in a big city,but on the other hand,the high price of housing and commodities would bring heavy pressure on young immigrants who get a little salary,and i can't afford the high price of housing.Yes,in a big city we can learn more and more new knowledge, get more better oppotunities for work,enjoy civilization,but working here means I must leave my hometown and apart from my parents.if i work in my howntown,i would get the best substantial fundations,such as housing, easy and stable job,even a car,i wouldn't always consider about work and how to live better,but among this comfortable surrounding, i would't impove myself any more,and i would never make my dreams come true. i don't know if anyone of you guys also have experiences like me,i don't wanna leave my parents and sometimes i think maybe i even can't realize my goals at all, I just waste time,but i also don't wanna give up my opportunities and dreams.I totally don't know what can i do. I can't help asking a question:what's real meaning of life? someone said:all of the animals exceping man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.but how can we enjoy our lifes freely?
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