Is it pathetic that we do not know the truth ?

March 19, 2010 2:19am CST
Is it pathetic that we do not know the truth lots of historical or political things that happened around us ? Yes,we are people without any political or military strenth .Therefore,we do not have any exact way to really know something happened around us .Such as "TianAnMen Square incident","911 incident","the truth of earth climate",etc. Most media do not tell us the truth .It just a tool for some polician attacking their opponentand cheating us,especially in China.I'm very very disappoint about this. Do you think we are pathetic?
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@amarkovi (63)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
23 Mar 10
It is not pathetic to not know something if there is no way of knowing it (if someone is hiding the truth). I think it is pathetic to know the truth and not acknowledge it. However, then the question is what is the truth? Is the truth something someone tells us, or what the majority believes, or what is "politically correct", or what we want to believe? It is a tricky matter, since there are many influences and interests that are writing our history and defining the truth (political, financial, religious ...) so it is often very hard to "know" the truth.
• China
23 Mar 10
Yeah,you are right .But i fell bad ,maybe i am not mature enough. Anyway ,thanks for your comment .Have a nice day or evening .
@SteveJi (78)
• China
28 Apr 10
I can't agree with you. The only truth is every country is doing the samething. I had met many foreigners who have little common sense but they feel they know everything. I think this is more pathetic. And the detail of the events is not important. The only important thing is rule of the history. If you know the rule of the history, you can know more, not only the past, but also the future.
• China
11 Apr 10
I cannot agree with you more. Chinese government has covered a lot of truths of important events from our people. the “6.4 event” shows our civil rights and freedom has ever dropped into a limitation that we can hardly tolerate. And what is more obvious, Chinese internet control is so strict that we cannot talk about the politics including “6.4 event”.The GFW(Great Firewall) isolates us from a lot of information. But luckyly Mylot has not been limited by GFW so we can talk about everything we like here!
@ctrlor (76)
• China
11 Apr 10
so sorry , i don't agree with your views about this . yes , the local government hides so many truth, it is certain.. even though some "truth" were concoted around us.. but please think again , it must be a best method to stabilize the popular sentiments , of course , i think it is the only reason why we China is more safe than other countrys. about the real truth, make knowed by that 'superman' , they know how to do can wagging the dog!!!
@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
10 Apr 10
If you are really concerned about learning the truth about things that are happening around you then you must be responsible enough and persistent enough to investigate. Information is pretty easy to acquiere now, especially with the internet, unless of course there is a certain censoring in the kind of information that you can get to, then that is what I would call pathetic. Nobody has the right to censor anyone from the right to know.
@sarstime (39)
• China
7 Apr 10
Agree with you that we never get chance to know what really happened around us. But be honest, I don't feel pathetic because we don't have choice. That's where we live, not our own choice, but have to live with that. Life is so short, why don't think positive? By the way, with help of internet, we now get more channels to know what's going on. That's advantage which high tech bring to us. Also that's big different from ten years ago, right? :)
• China
25 Mar 10
Yes,it's pathetic.I have the same feeling.But we can't change anything.Therefore,if you are a common person,accept that.