What is the best SMS or EMAIL message you have received so far?

March 19, 2010 3:18am CST
I constantly receive all kinds of sms (short messages) on my cell phone (not to mention email). Other than the usual informative ones, some of them can be really spammy, others can either be funny. Not too long ago, I got one sms in Chinese that is very inspiring. In fact it helped me to re-evaluate my life. I have translated it and would like to share with our friends here. It summarizes life like this: Well, talking about life... We all begin at 0 years; At 10, we grow up happily; At 20, we worry about getting into a relationship; At 30, we concern ourselves with career; At 40, we work our lives out; At 50, we begin to look back and reflect; At 60, we move back to our hometown; At 70, we start playing mahjong as a past-time; At 80, we only have enough energy to lie under the sun; At 90, we can only stay still on the bed; At 100, we (our photo) hangs on the wall. Do you have any good / interesting / inspiring / funny messages to share?
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• United States
23 Mar 10
The best SMS Message that i've recieved is one that said "I love you" from my boyfriend.
• Singapore
24 Mar 10
That is sweet :)