when you work never let this staement come from you!!!

@BYOLA2871 (4373)
South Africa
March 19, 2010 11:16am CST
Many things are considered not worth thinking about by employees but employers consider them to be very serious and unprofessional when at work,some of us who are employees tend to use some phrases on daily basis and these tend to work against us at work, i want to list the foolwings as some of those things we should not say to our employers or to our clients even if you are slef employed as you are still employed by that client for the period you work for him or her: 1. Thats not my job 2.Its not my problem 3.its not my fault ,it may not be but why dont you find a solution to it 4.saying you are overqualified for the job,you are practrically sending yourself out of the job 5.the job is easy anyone can do it:you are obviously telling your boss that he needs not choose you above any other person. 6.i can only do one thing at a time ; this statement does not earn any sympathy from your boss but gives him a feeling that you dont enjoy the job thus he keeps his eye out for your mistakes while he is looking out there for an alternative for you when he is fed up. 7.It cant be done :you are employed to do job cos your boss believe you are right for the job,the moment you give a signal that it cannot be he sees incompetence ,he expects you to at least try and be creative as well as innovative i found this on yahoo i hope it makes sense to those of us who are in full time paid employment
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1 Apr 10
I have actually said a couple of things things in the past and it has helped me because it literally has been impossible to do something and also because my job role does not give me extra if I perform other roles as per my contract so therefore I don't do any tasks where it will mean I potentially lose time that could be spent earning money!! I stand up for myself and tell my employers this and they cannot do much as it is in my contract!
@cripfemme (7713)
• United States
28 Mar 10
I disagree with you on one statement. You said that you should never tell your boss that you have too much work to do or that you need more time. I disagree. My boss is ,at times, ridiculous with his deadline demands. He'll send me pages of notes and expect me to have a full newsletter ready in a couple of hours. That's insane. I have to keep telling him it's impossible, but he won't remedy his behavior. You say that you worry that you'll be replaced. If my boss could find someone who can do a better job on the newsletter in less time than I can--Good Luck! No one else is going to put up with his impossible deadlines.
@Hatley (164226)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Mar 10
hi byola 2871 I am retired now but its only been a couple ofyears since I was wo rking. when I come to a store and hear an employee say thats not my job, or thats not my problem I want to scream. so if I was working and heard a f ellow worker t ell someone those two sentences I would think to myself, that person is going to get himself or herself fired one fine day. Ihave worked along side people who always say and usually to a customer, thats not my job, or thats not my problem. I have never used those words as I wanted to keep my job, even it was just part time, as 'I needed my job. I think if you feel this way you should not be working here. I have often as my job as a library page went beyond myjob description and helped people find books, or answer their questions,even though that was really the jobs of the reference librarians.We all worked together as sort of a team