Health Care Bill Will reduce the Deficit

@bobmnu (8160)
United States
March 19, 2010 11:43pm CST
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that this will reduce the deficit based on the information provided. One is to not include the "Doctor Fix" in this bill but cover that in separate peice of Legislation. The "Dr Fix" is estimated to cost or save $200 to $230 Billion dollars. Put it in the Health Care Bill and we increase the deficit, take it out and you reduce the deficit. If everyone has to buy insurance, then premiums will go down more savings. But not everyone will buy insurance right away, they may pay the small fine and wait until they need it and then the cost will be the same but the pay out will be very large. This is not figured into the CBO estimate. You then say that you will cut medicare by $500 Billion and the deficit is further reduced, then you count that as being spend to bring down the cost of the Health Care Bill and the cost of the bill goes down. Next you tax for 10 years but only provide services for 6 years, more savings. And so it goes you move money from your checking account and put it in your savings account and you have saved money , except you paid your bills with your credit card. Then you tell your wife that you are saving money. That is just what the administration is doing except the people do not beleive it.
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@Destiny007 (5820)
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20 Mar 10
The healthcare bill will not reduce the deficit. The CBO estimates only consider a narrowly defined scenario that is not consistent with reality.
@laglen (19779)
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20 Mar 10
I'm a believer! The math does not add up. Simply put and dumbed down for liberals - How in the world can you increase care, cover more people and spend less. I heard from a local eye doc that her cataract surgery is $1000. Medicare pays $200. She has pulled herself off of the medicare list. She was going broke. She lowered her patient list but will atleast be able to keep her practice. This is where we are heading. When all of the good docs quit, what will that leave us with? I have minimum medical training but am starting to study just to handle ourselves. Maybe I will be a witch doctor....