Is the iPad really as innovating and cutting-edge as Apple is advertising it?

United States
March 20, 2010 12:45pm CST
Ever since Apple debuted the iPad, I have found it really interesting and cool. I was just wondering if anyone else thought that it would be really worth the $500 (or more) that it is going to cost. Or if it is the best tablet product on the market.
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@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
2 Jul 10
So far it looks very good. It is a bit costly because I hear that Apple makes good products. But it does a lot and can do more then just one thing. It is an ereader, can play your music, can read your email, can read audiobooks, surf, etc. and that is just a small idea of what it can do. I would get one now, but I have to finish saving for and getting my macbook pro after I finish the book on how to use it I am going from Windows to Mac.
• India
21 May 10
First let me give u a brief of myself. I am a Microsoft and Apple Fanboy. Ok now to the question. Recently i am not satisfied with Apple's promotions. Look Multi tasking was with Symbian S60 for say now 6+ years.. coming out with it and claiming that its a innovation is really not crowd pulling, like wise lot of things they are marketing are already available in other devices.. Its just that its the first time that got implemented in their products
• United States
29 Mar 10
I think at this point it is the Apple loyalists who are going to buy iPad. Tablet is not a new thing, but since it is being markted by Apple, it will/should become one of the hotest thing. Ever since Steve Jobs took helm at Apple, he managed to create such a buzz for the Apple products that even people who never used to like the Apple products are all in love with them. Just look at the Apple retail stores, they are the coolest retail stores ever. So much so I read somewhere that Disney or some other big company is getting Apple to help them design their retail store.
@floridia (297)
• Algeria
20 Mar 10
after i read an article about Ipad i don't like it as before. it lack for many important things. to read the article this is the link: