Can the "goodness and richness" of marriage be measured by time spent together

@ghieptc (2525)
March 21, 2010 10:08am CST
Can the "goodness and richness" of a marriage be measured by the time spent together? If not, what measure do you suggest?
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• India
21 Mar 10
Goodness and richness of the marriage depend on how much you understand your partner and how much you manage to make adjustment to make your partner comfortable.
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@phyrre (2321)
• United States
21 Mar 10
I would say no. I know a lot of people that have spent a lot of time apart that still have a wonderful marriage and love each other dearly and they still feel like their marriage is good and rich (a lot of these people, of course, are in the armed forces, so they're stationed elsewhere). I think the measurement of a good marriage should be based on happiness. After a year of marriage, are you still just as happy when that person gets home as you were before you got married? Do you miss them when they leave? Do you still get butterflies when you see them sometimes? How about after ten years? Twenty? Most people don't last that long because their answers to some of these questions is no. My grandparents have been married for 55 years. Have they always had a perfect marriage? No. They've had their share of problems. My grandfather was in the navy early on and then he worked three jobs so that my grandmother could stay home with the children, so they didn't always get to see each other. After 55 years, though, they flirt as much as they did when they were 15! They can't stand to spend time apart, they love just spending any time together, and I know that they still feel as much in love now as they always did. I think that's what a successful marriage should be measured against. ^_^