Any Experience with Review Stream?

United States
March 21, 2010 2:45pm CST
Has anyone out there ever used It is a site where you can write reviews on anything and get paid for it. The reviews must be based on your opinion and experience using what you are reviewing. I have written about 4 reviews so far but I haven't got paid for any yet because I wrote them over the weekend. I was just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with this site. Is it a good way to make some easy cash? Do they approve most of the articles written atleast for the base pay of 50 cents or do most of your articles get rejected? The current rate for a review is $2.50, but if they don't need the review you posted right now they might approve you for the bulk rate of 50 cents. If you have never checked the site out, please use the link below to sign up because referrals earn you alot of extra money!
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26 Mar 10
I write reviews for RS. Most of my articles were approved at both regular and bulk rates. I've had rejections as well but those did not stop me from writing for them. I think it is a good site for as long as you follow their rules. They pay very quickly too (even on weekends).
21 May 10
Minimum payout is $ 50. $2.50 is the regular rate per article. I'm not too sure about the bulk rate, it must be around $0.50. That's strange though that there are people who subcontract their reviews as it is meant to be a personal review, meaning that you used the product, service or whatever it is you are reviewing yourself. It's in their TOS/TOA.
• Singapore
26 Apr 10
HI CHumphreys, I write for reviewstream and have gotten paid twice by them. Most of my reviews get at least a bulk rate. There are times it is rejected, but there must be some reasons for them. Just rewrite them and submit again. For some quick cash, this may be it!
@katkat (2378)
• Philippines
19 Apr 10
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@Yuusha (111)
• Sweden
22 Mar 10
It looks like a scam to me. They don't appear to have any source of income, and don't adress the issue in the FAQ.