you are not an honor student anymore.....

@rosey19 (951)
March 22, 2010 2:17am CST
it is really hard to accept the truth but it is more painful if you are already part of those students who graduated with honors. you name was already printed in the invitations and you're name was already in the program to be flashed on screen but suddenly the day before your graduation your teacher announced that your grade in his subject was very low which will not qualify you to be an honor student. how would you explain to your parents? if you are in his case will you still attend your graduation? how would you feel about it?
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@raynejasper (2322)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
..hi.. that's really terrible.. If that happens to me, I'll confront my teacher about it.. In the first place, before making the final list of honor students, the teachers and the admin should have deliberated the candidates of honors and screen them.. meaning, when your name was listed in the program paper, it has been properly deliberated upon.. that's a very big humiliation.. For me, I would not tell this thing to my parents.. I'll invite them to school and let them personally talk to my teacher.. that's unfair.. Imagine, the following day is your graduation and you've just known that today.. hmm.. I smell something fishy about it.. My sister once had a friend in high school who experienced the same thing.. maybe even worse than yours.. her name was listed as one of the honors so she dressed herself and attended the awarding and recognition with her parents.. only to find out that her name was replaced by another student who was then a favorite of their adviser.. she was crying when she came home because she was really embarrassed.. with what happened with you, I really think that something happened for your teacher to change her decision.. if you have all your activity paper with you, try comparing it with her class records and all the other evidences that you have.. you can sue her if you find her fault.. she humiliated you and falsify her school records favoring somebody else..
@rosey19 (951)
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
that is really humiliating and very embarrassing to anybody who are in the situation. i hope teachers and school officials will correctly check the honor students before printing it.