number 1 ptc site how to earn more

@novelcai (600)
March 23, 2010 12:02pm CST
hi there mylotters.. i know that lots of member here are also a member of #1 ptc site w/c is neobux. im a member there for almost 4 months and now all i have is $2.50. :( ive seen some proofs of payments of the members earning 3digits. some are willing to give their tips if you will registered under their name but the problem is im already a member and cant have a multiple account. pls share me your tips here and your time will very much appreciated... thnx
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@phoenix8606 (4942)
23 Mar 10
well, as I have mark neobux us slowly turns to scam or something like that, because they actually speculate with the rented referrals!
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@mrfdg1972 (3237)
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
Hi there, i guess i was a member of neobux too, i just dont log in any more, i think its 90 days you dont log in and you will get terminated. But say bye bye to your 2.50
@ckyera (17332)
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
hello novelcai, i am also a member of neobux for how many months already and so far i have earned just about $10 or so...hehe i am just a standard member and i think some manage to have higher earnings coz they are actually investing by renting referrals & upgrading their accounts... something that i don't like to take the risk of...
• United States
23 Mar 10 is all about referrals....either direct or rented. The more you promote the more referrals you will have.
@matpeci (144)
• Indonesia
23 Mar 10
search the forum, there you could find all your answer. in my country forum (indonesia), they support each other,share tips and tricks. almost all of them admire reggen666 from greek. she earned without direct referral, she rented referralls. invest if you want to reach higher.