When will they come back and relaese a new album?

March 23, 2010 12:49pm CST
i've always been a big fan of the corrs. To bad that they stopt making new songs. Does anywhone know iff they are planning a comeback soon?
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• Philippines
25 Apr 10
Last thing I've heard was Jim and Sharon already have families and they're all in separate lives. Andrea worked solo with her album but I've heard they'll be back this year. Well, I think I've read it from 2009 news, so I hope they'll be back soon because I can't wait to hear them back again. I love them, all of them! And I still listen to Runaway... I want to listen to that Celtic feeling. Their songs won't grow old in my heart, and I wish they'll be back soon.
@ritchel (843)
• Philippines
26 Jun 10
I hope that they will really be back. I love the Corrs also. They are just so fantastic! I love listening to their songs over and over again.
@sachii315 (489)
• Japan
23 Mar 10
Hi fgoemy! I love listening to The Corrs' music too. They've been out of the music industry for quite a while now. I'm wondering what are they up to. They might be recording new songs or might be gone for good I just hope they'll be back soon. Happy mylotting!
• India
26 Aug 10
Dear sachiii315 The Corrs currently busy with their family life. After "Baby Boom Phenomenon" from Caroline, Sharon, and Jim's wife, Andrea got married. Based on the recent interiew, Andrea said she need sometimes before comeback on her track again, moreover after the failure of her album in the US market. Yeah, I completely agree with you that their music is very wonderful. Happy mylotting!
@Wendi81 (603)
• Indonesia
16 Oct 12
Hay fgoemy, My name is Wendi and I'm the corrs fan too. I think the corrs don't comeback to music industry coz I've heard they married and they had child. They're focus on their family and don't want to comeback except andrea, the vocalist who had two solo carrier album before She married on 2011
@stringer321 (5671)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
16 Aug 11
I must say I like the old material of the corrs until the unpluged concert. After that , they became too popy and catchy (remember "summer sunshine" ? that wasn't good !!!). That was a dissapointment. Well , they are very tallented , their songs are sweet and touching my soul. I hope they will return to their old style , not getting too industerial and popy. I remember listening to some songs that one of the sisters made on her solo careers you tube , those were good like the old corrs.
@angel107 (309)
• Germany
16 Nov 10
I wish before I die I could go to one of their Concerts if they are going to have on.
@wikuowen (22)
• India
26 Aug 10
Hi fgoemy I have no idea when will the Corrs release new album. For now, you can listen to Sharon Corr's single. They are great, and Sharon also sings some of The Corrs song such as Radio and So Young. I admit that it is not as good as the Corrs version, but good enough to amuse yourself while waiting for the comeback of the Corrs. It would be great !