how to the best sister?

March 24, 2010 10:07am CST
i am the only girl and the one daughter in our family. my mom died 6 years ago, when my mom died i was the one who play her rule as a mother and a sister in our family. and i have two brother's i did my best to be a good sister. its so hard in my part to deal whit them ,i don't know what to do and i don't know what they want, may be because it wasn't responsibility to be a mother. friends! can you help me? i need your opinion!what should i do to be a good sister whit them?
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@raj_ka (431)
• India
25 Mar 10
hi, I understand your feeling..i also lost my mother when i was born and i dont know the responsibilty as i have 1 big brother as he commands me. I have sister too from my second mom but never cares about me or neither i do...I think you cannt take their responsibilty at this age as they may think in the same manner..that u are not old enough or matured to takecare of them.Comparisions also make them hate you..which i mostly face.. :)...Mom's place is something which no one can take and even if you try it will not be fully successful.I am not discouraging you, a very good thing to know that is you are very caring and want to take care abt your brothers..they should understand this.. YOu just move along with them and be their friend than being a mom. It will work to some extent. All the best.. :)
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
I'm sorry to hear that. Um, I'm the only girl in the family, too (and my mom of course). I have a brother whom I'm just a year older. When we were still young, we really don't get along well because I fight with him a lot. As we grew, I realized that I needa take my responsibility as a sister for him. He's not that boy next door type, instead, he's shy and won't talk to you til you initiate the convo. I started talking to him, and doing things for him in silence. Believe me, you know what your brothers need even though they don't tell it to you. So yeah, then I started asking him what his problems are/what happened to his day, etc. From there, we became good sisters and brothers and now, he knows me too well and vice versa :) Goodluck with your brothers!
@epsjoice (57)
• United States
24 Mar 10
Hi Marniea, I'm so sorry to hear you lost your Mother. I lost mine about that time also. I think just being there for them when they need to talk to someone and trying to help teach them right from wrong is all that you need to do. If you do this, when they become adults, they will have never forgotten what you meant to them growing up. They will probably be very close to you. You don't have to replace their Mom, just be there as a sister for them so they know somebody cares about them. That's just my advice. It is a difficult situation all around when a parent is lost. And, Moms are usually the glue in the family. I would just try and keep everyone together as a family as much as you can. Best of luck to you and your family.
@crackx (628)
• Belgium
24 Mar 10
Depending on how you ask your question, you should already be a very good sis. You can try all you want to adjust yourselves to your brothers, but as you might know, it's hard to follow what people always want. You got to do what suits you best, as it helps the others, more than helping others best, but you don't like it at all. Don't count yourself out completely.