Billy Blanks Tae Bo

Billy Blanks - Tae Bo
March 24, 2010 1:48pm CST
So I want to teach tae bo and Ive been learnign off of Billy Blanks Tae Bo Contact and I think this is really great. What doy ou guys think? Have you ever tried any of his programs? If I use the same thing he does for my class is that breaking some kind of law?
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• Philippines
24 Mar 10
I also love Tae Bo by Billy Blanks. I have a whole collection of his videos - Basic, Advanced, the Bootcamp series (ab/basic/extreme), Cardio, Kickology... I just love the entire workout. Maybe it's because I get to release all the stress and pent-up energy with the punching and kicking and such. hehe I'm not sure about teaching though... I think you have to at least ask for permission, or something like that....