As I said before, US Public Service Academy (Hillarys 'baby') to launch

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March 24, 2010 5:26pm CST
Go to: With the Health care reform also the government will be picking up the tab for low income students, but not without strings. Hillary's Announcement of Academy, DOES GOOGLE E-VER GO AWAY: This is nothing more than an extension of the military folks who declared a year ago that the elements of war have changed and the need for civilians has exceeded the need for physical force of soldiers! This academy is modeled after West Point!
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@spalladino (17923)
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25 Mar 10
I don't do youtube but I did go to the website. So, because this academy is modeled after West Point, it's automatically civilian military training? That's not what I read on the website. While it's true that, in return for a free undergraduate education, you have to agree to "serve" a five year stint, I saw nothing that looked even remotely military in nature. It's also not intended strictly for low income students. It's intended for high achieving students. From the website: [i]"Spots for nearly 1,300 incoming freshmen will be allocated by state, following a congressional nomination process similar to that used for admission to the military academies. Nominees would compete against other nominees from their state, thus ensuring that each state will be proportionally represented in the student body." "Academy graduates will spend five years serving our nation by working in education, health care, law enforcement, emergency management, and other critical public service fields at the local, state and national level."[/i]