What language(s) have you learned / are you learning?

South Africa
March 24, 2010 5:45pm CST
I was born in Portuguese-speaking Mozambique, but grew up in an English-speaking South Africa. So English is my first language and Portuguese is my second language. I also learned one of the South African languages. I'd love to learn French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. It's a tall order to learn them all, but I'd love to. Currently, I'm working on Japanese very slowly. My fiance loves watching anime so I pick up words and phrases here and there from them. What languages do you speak right now, and what would you like to learn / are you learning?
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@tonyllenium (6261)
• Italy
24 Mar 10
so i come from italy and my first language is Italian obviously!!apart this i learnt in schools and university other foreign languages as french,spanish,english and even russian but this last is not good as other ones because i studied and practiced it for a few time if compared to english or french for example!!
• South Africa
25 Mar 10
Wow tony, i admire you! I think it is great to know so many different languages. I can see that your English is very good.