Meteora or Minutes to Midnight

March 25, 2010 12:07am CST
Hi friends, Which album do you think is the better one "Meteora" or "Minutes to Midnight" and why?
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@ivansama (761)
• Bulgaria
21 Apr 10
woah you can't ask from me to pick a favorite. especially their two favorite albums. only CD of theirs l don't like s the one they did with Jay-z. l mean l like the guy but they ruined all the good songs
• Malaysia
11 Apr 10
I havent heard their album Minutes to Midnight...Meteora yes I like to listen to it. Great album!
@dearlot (175)
• Brunei Darussalam
2 Apr 10
Hello there, Well for me i think both the albums Meteora and Minutes to Midnight has different sound to it. I would not actually choose which is my favorites because they have their own special sound. I like the was Meteora sound because it is different from their previous album Hybrid Theory. I liked the way each song sounded differently, like From the Inside sounded heavy compare to Breaking The Habit although they are both in the heavy category. I also like the way they add different elements to Meteora like the orchestra which Hybrid Theory did not have. As for Minutes to Midnight, it is way more different than Meteora as it is more Rock as Linkin Park was experimenting with pure rock and roll sound which make it special. I can say that minutes to midnight has a lot more softer songs in comparison to Meteora. Overall, i would think that each album has their own special sound to it and i would not choose any favorites. I cannot wait for their new album coming out soon! :)
@champan (513)
• Argentina
30 Mar 10
Meteora. It has that unique Linkin Park sound, that they only can make. Minutes to midnight has lots of things from that LP sound. But its a kind of music any band could play.
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
I both love Meteora and Minutes to Midnight. though i'm just a little disappointed with MtoM cause well you know. they went slow..but still good IMHO. =)
@danider (25)
• Bulgaria
25 Mar 10
Both of them are good. But in Meteora i understand the songs more clearly and the songs are played well. My favorite song of Linkin Park is Feint.
@kar295rocks (2119)
• India
25 Mar 10
I prefer Meteora as all the songs have guitar played well in them. Well, Minutes to Midnoght is okay - I love Hands Held High and What I've Done from Minutes to Midnight. Joe Hahn - the DJ has scratched pretty well in MtM.