Ubuntu vs Kubuntu

@humuun (24)
March 25, 2010 1:58am CST
Hi all, What do you think about difference of those releases. I know there is Ubuntu uses Gnome as default GUI, Kubuntu uses KDE.
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@tonylijo (135)
• India
9 Jun 10
hay man ubuntu and kubuntu are one and the same , the only diffrence is in the desktop enviornment . the ubuntu is using gnome desktop enviornment and kubuntu is using kde .kubuntu looks a good than gnome as kde is mode prettier . Now kde is having a large devolepment community so their softwares are upto date. but the thing is that gnome sofwares are stable ones than the kdes . so it will be safer to use ubuntu as its chance for crashing is less
• India
9 Jun 10
I used both ubuntu and kubuntu i am mostly attracted with Kubuntu because of it's graphic outfits.It's more like windows but it has poor performance as compared to ubuntu some times slow down the system also lot's of bugs arriving at run time.Ktorrent,Dragon player,Amarok are my favourite application in it.in Ubuntu it is more user friendly for new users almost easy to work system slow down only occur, when we install ubuntu with kubuntu bugs in kubuntu affecting in ubuntu,gimp is my favourite in ubuntu.Themes can be easly installable in ubuntu thats why ubuntu has first preference of me
@Asylum (47893)
• Manchester, England
25 Mar 10
I have been using Ubuntu for a while but have not used Kubuntu, so it is difficult to be certain. The only difference that I am aware of is the desktop environment, which as you stated is Gnome for Ubuntu and KDE for Kubuntu. However, you can easily install KDE to Ubuntu so there has to be other differences or there would be very little purpose in releasing both versions of each distribution.
• India
10 Apr 10
Ubutnu is a most powerful free and open secure Linux-Based operating system. It is a derivative of Debian Linux. Ubuntu uses the GNOME(GNU Network Object Model Environment) Desktop. It is easy to use desktop in the Linux world. Most of the softwares of Ubutnu written by using GNOME/GTK+ widgets. But in the case of Kubuntu, it is a derivative of Ubuntu. Kubuntu uses KDE(K Desktop Environment) instead of GNOME. The styles and widgets of Kubuntu entirely different than Ubuntu. The users who like graphics and style of operating system can use Kubuntu. Most of the software of Kubuntu written using Qt widgets.