Scratch off lott-o's.

United States
March 25, 2010 2:28am CST
They are so addicting! Why is it that holding a stack of unscratched colorful tickets in my hands immediately becomes so much fun! I know the odds are horrible, and I almost even know I won't win. But it's still so much fun for me! It's not like I'm always going for the big ones that cost more and are worth more, just because I'm not willing to waste that amount of money with those kind of odds. I feel like if you're buying those then you have extra money that you are willing to waste. Even though I do too when I lose. I only get the $1 ones or sometimes the $2 ones.. But never $5 or more. I know that the entire business of it is based on ripping people off because it messes with something almost everyone has..greed. The sense of greed is a curse. Because who doesn't think spending $1 and winning $1,000 from it doesn't sound good? Greed, hope, and luck. Are you someone who is considerably lucky, or rather someone who is a bit on the unlucky side? Are you willing to spend money to win money? So far I've won about $10, and I love the rush and excitement of winning! I think it would be best to cool off on them for a while.. Or at least try a different gas station everytime. If you're a lotto-lover like me..goodluck on your next ticket!!! Please comment!
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• United States
30 Mar 10
hmmmm... i have never done lotto tickets before. but i think there is a pretty slim chance that i would really win anything. but if i did win i would be really suprized. i dont think i would really be willing to spend money on lotto tickets though. the odds are pretty low.
@myzire72 (1154)
• Singapore
25 Mar 10
I don't play lotto or any kind of bettings. It's not that I am not greedy for more money. I know that it's very difficult to strike it rich by betting. The probability to win is so small that it discourages me from even trying. Anyway, good luck to you and hope you will strike it rich one day!
@ghieptc (2522)
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
I think winning lotto is good. But it is to lucky to gamble with your good number. Try & try until you win big