Am I correct?

March 25, 2010 2:49am CST
My daughter is 10 year old. She has a friend. They are very close friends. Whenever I see them together I imagin that two angels are being together. Her friend has lot of problems in her family. She wants to look after her baby sister; she wants to clean the dishes; she wants to do shopping. Whenever she wants to do shopping she ask my daughter to go with her. I don't like this. I thing My daughter and her friend are so small to go to shops without adults. So I orderd my daughter not to go with her to shops. This pains my daughter, her friend and me also. Am I correct? (I love and like that girl very much.)
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• Philippines
25 Mar 10
why does a 10 yr old girl has to do the shopping in the first place. i bet they have serious family issues. well, what you did was just right. you only long for your daughter s safely, right? just think that it s for the best and it s really not right for 10 year olds to be walking around without an adult s supervision and so you it really shouldnt pain you are a good mother and just keep that in mind. happy mylotting
• Germany
25 Mar 10
Thank you very much. Whenever that girl comes to us to play with my daughter I pour love on her. I only have the shoping problem.
@magikrose (5432)
• United States
25 Mar 10
Honestly I agree with you they are too young. The thing is when that occurs why not go with them be in the store but let them wander off in there own direction and give them a time limit to report to a certain spot in the store where they will check in with you. That way they can still go to the store and do what they want, but will make you feel better knowing they wont totally be alone.