Do you have a specific role you do in your family?

@floridia (296)
March 25, 2010 3:51pm CST
hello everybody. being organized is so amazing. and i think what makes family well organized is to distribute roles on family members. every member has a role or more to do it. unfortunately nothing of the above is present in my family. what about you?
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@dawnald (85148)
• Shingle Springs, California
25 Mar 10
There are things I like to do, so I do them. There are things he likes to do, so he does them. Some of the other things are distributed among the children. Whatever is left over is negotiated, depending on who has the most time.
@floridia (296)
• Algeria
25 Mar 10
who has the most time and he or she is able to do it. great. happy family.
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@tomitomi (5429)
• Singapore
26 Mar 10
when i was young, my parents made sure that all the girls would help in the preparation of the meal while the guys would be in clearing up and washing. that's probably why i hate washing dishes. now, i would rather help in the preparation although i'm not really fond either but get to relax after meal while others do their duties.
@timhinyy (1653)
• United States
26 Mar 10
well right now my role in the family since I don't live at home anymore is that i go over and help out my mother with the housework I will do the dishes in the dishwasher and I will wash all the clothes in the washing machine and in the dryer and help her with making dinner and doing a lot of cleaning around the house I honestly don't think much would be getting done if I was not going over and helping out. So if i had a title I would definitely think of myself as the cleaner around the house and tomorrow I will probably need to help with dusting and vacuuming and doing the stairs so much fun lol, but it will be worth it to get that house in order and mom and dad help me out too so we make it worthwhile for both of us.
• China
26 Mar 10
For my part,if i can do and i have time i will do it. but now i'm live in the dorm not with my family and i have fewer chance to help my family as i can do. so when i have holidays at home i always try my best to do the things that i can do .