Do you like to chewing gum???

@saanjh (784)
March 27, 2010 5:54am CST
I do like but I know it's not a good habit but when I feel tired I like to chewing gum what about do you also like to chewing gum.
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@zack786 (40)
• India
28 Mar 10
yaa i like chewing gum..when you feel sleepy in study hours u can chew it..your sleep will go away..i think it maybe clean the teeth and make strong
@pandaeyes (2065)
27 Mar 10
I only chew gum if I have not been able to clean my teeth for ages. Sometimes I take a long coach trip of 12 hours and it is awful not being able to clean your teeth in all that time. The gum helps them to stop feeling all thick and gungy.
• Philippines
27 Mar 10
I love to chew gum. It boosts my self-esteem. I look confident and tough.LOL. But, I always forget to buy gum. LOL. Happy mylotting.
@matpeci (144)
• Indonesia
27 Mar 10
i don't like chewing gums. i was chewing gums when i was about 13, but i feel my stomach is full, i quitted. i tried it again and still feel the same. i decide to quit forever.