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March 27, 2010 9:25am CST
After reading a lot of review sites claiming shorttask is a scam, i decided to post the following details : i joined shorttask on 1 dec 2009 from that date onwards i requested payout 6 times and got paid within 2 days of payment request the following are the payment details 1st $10.00 on 14 dec 2009 2nd $14.61 on 29 dec 2009 3rd $28.02 on 11 jan 2010 4th $11.60 on 2 feb 2010 5th $12.30 on 28 feb 2010 6th $29.44 on 25 mar 2010 hence SHORTTASK is defenitely not a scam! but some of the users may be scammers but the administration is good enough to cope with that! enjoy earning in short task. :)
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• Philippines
27 Mar 10
I've joined ShortTask last January and during the first few day I was really hyped about it. Till suddenly the good tasks suddenly depleted. All I see are those made by the admin and most of the time I find it such a chore to do. I don't know, it can probably just be me. It took so long for tasks to be approved so I left the $3 I have there. Anyway, thanks for sharing about your earnings. I do hope good tasks pop up soon.
• India
27 Mar 10
ya most of the tasks are from admin but there are a few tasks for youtube which can be done and tasks of admin get reviewed every monday and tuesday and there are a few tricks which can make you earn some more money!