do you remember your behaviour when you got drunk?

@matpeci (144)
March 27, 2010 12:30pm CST
a few years ago you can say that i'm a drunken master, LOL. i got drunk almost everyday. i drink a traditional alcohol made in bali, we call it "arak". i always want to sing when i got drunk, and my favourite songs when is "Easy (Lionel Richie)". my friends and band crew always asked me to sing at the stage (i used to drink at the clubs). it is nice when i see all at the clubs cheer up when i sing, i feel happy. They never bored to hear me singing that song. i like the lyrics, it's very me. and how about you my friend?
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@besthope44 (12123)
• India
22 Aug 10
I dont lose my control and i dont over take drinks. So am normal.
@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
29 Mar 10
I haven’t been drunk for many years. When I was younger and used to go to bars and clubs a lot and inevitably I would drink too much and get either very emotional or silly! I almost always remember everything except the one time my friend and I threw a party and she got hurt before the party started and either of us had anything to drink. She ended up in hospital although she ended up being ok and I was so shocked I drank almost an entire bottle of brandy; that is one time I don’t remember anything at all and I hate it. I am so glad I rarely drink these days!
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
Of course, I can remember anything even when I'm drunk. Whenever I'm drunk, I get so happy too much, so crazy and I start doing silly and goofy things with my friends, and they enjoy that too.
@champan (513)
• Argentina
27 Mar 10
Yes, mostly haha. haha thats nice . I dont sing while im drunk , maybe i should try to haha.
@arunvenu (273)
• India
28 Mar 10
I usually get emotional when i am drunk. I get a boost in my courage and i talk a lot.
• United Arab Emirates
28 Mar 10
When i drink i don't like to mess around i go to