Who would be more difficult to live with?

March 27, 2010 8:56pm CST
Well everybody knows that live with Sheldon is not easy, but he is not the only one. Who watched the episode that the Leonard's mom come to visit him knows that she is such a crazy woman. And now, answer me, who would be more difficult to live with? Sheldon or Leonard's mother?
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28 Mar 10
lol Sheldon hands down, you can deal with Leonards mother but Sheldon would drive you crazy. Mr know it all, socially inept, unfriendly. It'll just be new drama everyday, well it is new drama everyday anyone who's seen The Big Bang Theory. lol You're also forgetting mother left, Sheldon is still here.
@zed_k4 (17624)
• Singapore
13 Feb 11
I would have to go with Sheldon. 1 Sheldon = 2 Leonard's mom , LoL. And the other responder is right .. when L's mom leaves , then it'll be Sheldon's overbearing and Mr Know it all conquering. I'd love to irritate the socks out of him if I'm one of the Big Bang guys. Like what Penny had done before , lol. Brilliant show.
@emmaly (11)
• China
1 May 10
Hi pinhornudo as a third party we love Sheldon's science way to deal with daily stuff,contrarily he'll gonna piss off everyone around him. addtionally this popular drama seems go around Sheldon more, he got more lines,so he can annnoy them and amuse us more. anyway it's definitely sheldon who's more difficult to deal with.
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@xander6464 (14543)
• Wapello, Iowa
28 Aug 15
No contest. Sheldon would be much easier to live with.
@mythociate (16265)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22 May 12
I think Leonard's mother would be more-difficult to live with. That's because they both kinda seem like okay people if you leave them alone & let them 'go about their business'; but--as Leonard's mother is female--my stupid romantic body would compel me to find a way to be 'all up in her business.'
@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
27 Nov 11
I think Sheldon by far, he would be an extremely difficult person to live with. So I think he beats almost anyone! IRL and on the show :)