Is this EPL season of 2009-10, a season to forget for Liverpool?

@zatak07 (699)
March 28, 2010 4:31am CST
Despite being a big club & almost the English Champion last year, Liverpool is really struggling for the 4th place this season, i know it must be surely a season of frustration & cruel season for them. I wish them a Goodluck .......
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@ram_cv (16513)
• India
28 Mar 10
Yes, the terrific season that was in the offing has turned into a terrible season after all. I think all of Rafa's bumbling buys and selection quirks have now come to really harm Liverpool. I think it is time for Rafa to move on. I am pretty sure that Rafa would move to some other club this summer. Cheers! Ram
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@mormy73 (22)
• Malaysia
3 Apr 10
Yes...they must forget that they could be No.1 in their local league a.k.a EPL & Yes...they must forget that they could be No.1 in Europe either. Oh and YES...Liverpool must also MUST forget the following: * Those stupid Club Executives who wants to be big but SMALL in funding and support and also can't even play football. - The admin so dumb that they didn't even try to get or buy well known player such as Ronaldinho, Robinho, Arjen Robben, Rafael Van Der Vart or even Riquelme and Michael Owen who could really help the current team. - The admin are careless to get rid of quality players like Harry Kewel who gave good performance but sent away because of his injury that he still can recover. * Those useless so called fans of theirs that are only in for the ride to be glamour, screams and jumps like some retarded drunks when Liverpool scores but shy away when they are 1 down...GET LOST! * Those bloodyfool critics who try to act smart by blaming RAFAEL when they lose. Fact is a manager is not the goalkeeper who sits infront of a goal and guards it. Fact is a manager is not the defend, midfield or forward who goes to the opposition the get the winning goal.
@Sir_bobby88 (8231)
• Singapore
28 Mar 10
Perhaps it is a year for liverpool to remeber the sacking of RAFA Benetiz
@akuler (3531)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 10
Hi zatak, This season would be the season to be remember for the wrong reasons. This season is the worst season for Liverpool for the past few long years. Instability in management, untrustworthy relationship between the owners and manager and the players inability to play up to the expectation were the reason behind all these. After the promising finish last season, Liverpool was expected to give a good fight for the title they last won 20 years ago. Unfortunately all the promise fall apart. Now, they even hardly can say that they will be in the Champion League competition next year.