March 28, 2010 9:26pm CST
I want to discuss about the queen of pop Who is the king of pop? all will answer "Michael Jackson"!! But when we get question : Who is the queen of pop? Some people will say : "Of course Madonna, there's no one anymore better than her, she's a legend". But some people will say : "Of course not, Celine Dion has better voice!" And some people said "Janet Jackson! Beyonce! Whitney Houston! Mariah Carey! blablabla...!" So what do you think, who is the queen of pop? Or Nobody will be the queen of pop??
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• India
29 Mar 10
Hello, Of course Celine Dion has a better voice, but the songs she sings don't fall under the Pop category. They are rather fusion with heavy doses of classical music in it. Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Mariah Carey don't qualify my expectations. Madonna was no doubt excellent. Her voice is just so refined. Ignoring her personal life I would like to promote her as a reformed pop singer. I have heard Dido. She was good. Like Bob Marley excelled in Reggae, there is not many genres one can master. Most of the singers today experiment with so many different things that they often fail to create any identity. God bless you