wouldn't it be great here if....

United States
March 29, 2010 8:26am CST
We got payed to play the games also? Man oh man would I make some money then! How about you....do you think we should get paid to play games here at MyLot?
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• United States
1 Apr 10
yeah that would be great. there are games here on mylot but the games cost money to be able to play. the games here are also not all that great from earning from. there is no way of knowing how much you will get from it. you could end up with more or with less than you payed for to play them. but atleast there are better ways of earning online. best of luck with earning.
@indahfth (11161)
• Indonesia
29 Mar 10
I've tried to play games on myLot. but my country was not included in the list. I am very disappointed because of this.
@Sir_bobby88 (8231)
• Singapore
29 Mar 10
Of course you can provided you find sponsor for mylot yea laugh out loud .
• China
29 Mar 10
Hi, friend. It would be fun to get paid from playing games. I guess it will attract more people as most people love games. I know someone are earning good amount by playing lottery. If some interesting games are offered here to help people earn, Mylot would certainly be a perfect place for earning.
@GoAskAlice (5815)
29 Mar 10
Have you explored the games? Do you not know you can make money playing them? Here's the link to the World Winner explanation of how you can make money playing the games: www.worldwinner.com/cgi/about/how.html?subnav_id=1&ref=about&partner=