What Language are you most confident speaking ?

March 29, 2010 11:27am CST
In life we use different language to communicate with different people , what language are you most confident in speaking ? For me it will be chinese .
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• China
30 Mar 10
Well, for me is Chinese too cause it's my mother touque.Although I have learn to speak English so many years ,I still can't talk with English smoothly.Sometimes I really feel disppointed and unconfident.If there a day that I can speak English fluently?
31 Mar 10
If you live in England with English language students then you'll find your English will become far more fluent... it's the best way. Look up definitions for words you don't understand and practice grammer, and using certain words that you see the English type in their messages or posts. :)
• India
12 Jun 10
I can express best in English, becuae that is the language in which I had my education.I am confident speaking another five Indian languages. But I would love to learn a few foreign languages like Spanish,German. I love learning Classical Languages too like Arabic Hebrew Greek and Latin for instance. But where is the time? I have a host of jobs to do even after retirement!
@kaka135 (14118)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 10
For me, it's Chinese too. Or I should say Mandarin, as it's my mother tongue and I have been speaking Mandarin since I was young. And now, I also speak Mandarin with my husband and my son, this is actually my daily conversational language. Besides Mandarin, I speak Cantonese (another Chinese dialects) with some of my relatives and in-laws too. I speak English in office. I am not very good in speaking English, at least I can communicate well enough with my colleagues/
@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
29 Mar 10
That have to be my mother language - bulgarian. I think that i learn it very good now :D and i feel realy confident and don`t have problems talking on it.
@zashimi (148)
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
My native language is Tagalog but I can better express myself in English.
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
I am confident in communicating through English to people because I am comfortable with the language. Other nations have learned it too though it's not their official language in their country.
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
29 Mar 10
Well my feel and love to talk in my mother tongue. Confident in speaking is english ofcourse. I need to talk in working atmosphere, so i feel much confident of this international language.