how was your first kiss?

March 30, 2010 6:40pm CST
Honestly, a lot of girls waited for their first kiss to happen but fo me i don't remember how it was maybe because it wasn't a big deal for me that time. One thing i remember about my first kiss and that's it's not sweet as my husband's. You? I'm sure you have stories to tell about your first kiss. By the way I was 17 when it happened.
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• India
31 Mar 10
first of all dont ever pressure yourself into thinking that there is spefic deadline ofr your first kiss or first girlfriend or first anything .you wont be able to enjoy those experience if you feel rushed or stressed .anyway you seem like very sweat and compassionate ,so dont feel that you have to change yourself in any way may be this girl isnt the one but there is someone who will match you as you truely are.relationship dont wrk if people pretend to be someone other than who they are.second,the girl is probably as worried as you are.she might also feel like she is trying too hard ,or not trying hard enough.sometimes its hard to show emotion because we all want to seem perfect.act naturally around her.dont force it.if it doesnt work out dont worry.dont give your attension to justr any girl ,amke sure you choose who you want to be with some who will appreciate you.before you vonsider being with anyone else.make sure you are comfortable with yourself.when you enter a relationship you will giving part of yourself you will make sure trust that other person
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
I think you're right, maybe that's what happened to me.
@mokkka (881)
• Bulgaria
10 May 10
I also didn't like my first kiss.I was 15 and started dating with a guy I didn't like but I did it just because I was tired of him asking me.This is probably the main reason I didn't feel the butterflies most girl expect but the only thing I remember is that I wanted it to finish faster because he was smelling to onion ;)
@champan (513)
• Argentina
31 Mar 10
Mine wasnt that special. It was the first kiss. BUt it was only because the moment. But The first kiss with the one i love was the greatest thing in the world. We went out for first time (knowing we like each other, because before that we were friends) we went to the school were i had english lessons and stayed a while with her and it simply happened. Then i got REALLY late to my english classes with some excuse . haha.What a Great time
• United States
25 Apr 10
My first kiss felt like a jolt of electricity throughout my body. It started as a tingle and traveled throughout my body. It was slow and passionate. Okay technically it was not my "first kiss" but it was the first kiss with someone I actually liked. My first kiss was with an ugly drunk bimbo at a ghetto bar in the Philippines. How embarrassing.