Who thought Bill Kaulitz was a girl?

@lady1993 (22443)
March 30, 2010 10:07pm CST
I did... he really has feminine features. When I first saw him- I didn't really hear him sing- it was just a video or a pic or something. I was really confused- she really looked like a girl. So i researched about him and found out that he wasn't- he was just so thin and had long hair and so pretty... Now I'm quite a fan of him- I like rock bands- he really has a nice voice and he's funny...
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• Philippines
31 Mar 10
When I first saw him, I already know he's a boy. I've seen so many boys who actually look like girls and I'm already used to seeing those, so I can really distinguish whether a boy is a boy or a girl. He looks weird to me at first but I liked him.
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
he really does look like a girl--pretty boy
• Philippines
3 Apr 10
I thought he was a girl the first time I saw him on TV. Then I was wondering "if she's a girl, why is her voice so deep?" Then I looked up "Tokio Hotel" on the internet and found out he was a boy. He does have a nice voice and it doesn't really matter what he looks like because people seem to love him anyway. Have a nice day, luvs2write
• Brazil
3 Apr 10
Not because I have a friend that loves him. But I notice that this guy is an androgyne, really looks like a girl.