silent prayer

March 31, 2010 11:19am CST
I was going through a very difficult trial of my life when I wrote this. God's silence during those times that I needed HIM most, made me so spiritually weak. It took me, two years before I realize that God was teaching me something new, to stop my self for a little while and listen to HIM. For so long I thought, God is unfair, why did He put me in the battleground, and left me alone and disarmed of all the weapons I must have, the weapon of faith and hope. It took me so long to realized that HE is teaching me a "silent prayer" and to completely trust in HIS power instead of talking and complaining. THE POWER OF SILENT PRAYER WHEN SHOULD THERE BE SILENCE? When there’s so much raging war over your heart & mind When you are running out of words in prayer, When you feel so much pain & bitterness When someone close to you has betrayed you. Because the more you talk, the more people would get hurt the more you sin, the more you lose your hope the more God won’t listen to you, When all things go wrong the way you don’t want it to be, Just cry out loud “OH, GOD, COME & RESCUE ME!” And let the deafening SILENCE begin BECAUSE WHEN THERE IS SILENCE… That’s the only time you can hear God’s voice, Your heart learns to trust and believe in HIM And your ear learns to listen to HIS words of wisdom The only time you would feel that when all else fails HE is there to open the gate of new beginning That’s the power of SILENT PRAYER. IF THIS IS WHAT GOD WANTS US TO REALIZE, FOR YOU, HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN A SILENT PRAYER?
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1 Apr 10
God is always with us and will never leave us. It is us who will leave him. His "house" is always open, it is up to us to go in. God always answers prayers, sometime it is yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait. What we want is not what is always in God's plan. The waiting is hard, The NO is very difficult, but when we learn to truly trust God, that no matter what the situation is God will be with us in it, when we turn it over to him, then the peace comes. It takes some of us a very long time to learn this. God bless you for this discussion. I think what you wrote is beautiful. Thank you.
@phynx15 (248)
• India
31 Mar 10
I think our prayers are not answered as long as we want God to answer in only the way we like. When we lose all hope and the silence begins and we leave it all to the hands of God, then comes the true answer for me. Sometime I even feel that God is hiding away from me, but when I tend to give up and ask God to do however he wants, then all of a sudden I use to feel God's presence again and he stills answers in the way that is the best for me.