What to do when you regularely have heartburns.

March 31, 2010 1:42pm CST
Hy my name is Mike, and I have been a heartburn sufferer for several years! Just recently I have changed my habits of eating and also replaced the medication I was taking daily. To my opinion, these chemical junk pills are purposely conceived by the pharmaceutical industry to make you temperately feel better. These pills won't solve the problem they are intentionally created so that people become addicted to them and the more we become addicted the more they make money. So I have chucked them in the garbage can and tried a new approach that works wonders for me. The natural way. the best natural home remedy product i have discovered that actually dos the same trick in relieving the pain as those chemical products is baking soda. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda mix in a glass of water alleviate the heartburn. And the next thing I have decided to do that really helped, is eating small meals trough out the day. 6 times instead of 3 big meals. These simple tricks were so beneficial for my health, I decided to create a website called heartburn-home-remedies.net for people like me who are fed up of taking pills that only fix the problem temporarily. I hope this information helps you, and if you have experienced different natural home remedies that helped eliminating your heartburn, I would be glad to hear about them.
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@qamarep (4447)
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9 Apr 10
it could be that they are making us addicted to the pills .. but i dont have the heart burns so i am not going to try your ideas.