What is your favorite sport and why?

@buccha (59)
April 1, 2010 5:51pm CST
What is your sport of expertise, mine is lawn tennis because of my father, he was a tennis player too, so i think its in my blood,hehe.
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• United States
5 Apr 10
I am not able to play contact sports anymore, due to multiple eye surgeries, so ever since my teenage years I have stayed away from basketball and football in general. I have played a little bit tennis for a couple years in high school but it was never my forte. In college I started enjoying both billiards and ping pong. Finally if one would include chess as a sport I would say my favorite sport is chess, otherwise it is billiards and ping pong.
@buccha (59)
• Philippines
5 Apr 10
Here in the Philippines chess is a sport, every time their are sport competitions between schools, chess is included, and I must admit its very hard to keep up with the chess players, I have seen one of their matches and I was dumbfounded, I didn't know what they are doing with a clock, its just so fast to keep up with their moves. I have a new found appreciation for all chess players.kudos.
• United States
19 Apr 10
Thank you for kudos and the respect for the sport of chess. People have been trying to get the Olympics to recognize the sport of chess but I am not sure if it will ever become an event. I actually met a couple Filipino people here on Mylot who play chess. I hope I get to play with them one day. =)
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
3 May 10
I love playing table tennis.I am not sure why is that but I started doing it since I was 12 and I still go to the gym when I have some free time and want to relax in some way.