Shortcut that you probably forget

April 2, 2010 2:11am CST
I just want to share shortcut (for windows) that probably you already forget because you already familiar by using right click of your mouse. (Windows Logo+E)= Open Windows Explorer (Ctrl+N) = Open New Windows (can be used in many application) (Ctrl+P) = Print Internet pages, documents, picture, and many more (can be used in many application (Ctrl+C) = Copy (Ctrl+V) = Paste (Ctrl+X) = Cut (Ctrl+F5) = Refresh Page (Ctrl+Alt+Del) = Open windows task manager or login session or Restart your computer ...... please continue, while I try to figure more shortcut..
2 responses
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
i think i will never forget this shortcuts! especially when im using MS Word and other MS application and also adobe photoshop! its much better to use shortcut than mouse! is consume less time doing so.
• Indonesia
2 Apr 10
unfortunately, more people getting unknowledge about shortcut these days. Its too bad.
• Indonesia
15 Apr 10
I think cut, copy and paste short cut is the only schortcut that people will never forget. Most of the people i know prefer to use that shortcut instead of using mouse, espeically if u using it in spreadsheet or wordprocessor. Also taskmanager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) is more practical to be used using shortcut. I dont even know how to call task manager with out using shortcut. Well, that is what i think anyway.