Did you give up anything for Lent?

United States
April 2, 2010 12:18pm CST
I didn't and never have. When I was growing up in the Lutheran church I don't really remember being told it would be a thing to do and that all chirstians should do that. I know meat and chocalate are two things people I know have given up during Lent. It is suppose to bring you closer to God. I just feel it is over done and not important. At least in my life.
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@Kate34 (657)
• France
19 Mar 11
I gave up sweets, chocolate, ice cream, crisps, cake and I think that's it this year. I always give up that sort of thing and have loads of chocolate on Easter and feel like I deserve it. I basically live of oats and yogurt pots. I like giving up stuff and never break it.
• United States
20 Mar 11
I never was told to do anything for Lent. Like give something up for that time period. It was never was brought up in church. If it was I don't remember! I know of people who do give up things for lent. I never had done it and propably never will! It is not important to me!
@ccdiane (151)
• Cheyenne, Wyoming
2 Apr 10
Greetings blue65packer, I was never taught anything about Lent? I really don't know the reason for lent. As I gotten older I heard many, many people talk about it. But never seen the reason why true Christians would practice it. I guess it's because our church focused more on fasting, reading God's word and daily prayer and worship that when us Christians give ourselves fully over to God, we are a living sacrifice anyway. Lent seems to be only during a certain time of the year. But according to more than one scriptures mentioned we are to give ourselves over as a sacrifice to God daily. I also see that apparently, Lent maybe related to giving up certain meat and sweets? Well, this is the least of my worries. Over time, even during the Holidays, now that I don't have any children at home there is no reason to have any sweets and I don't eat much in the line of meats either. So Lent, I believe would not work for me. I prefer my daily sacrifice of worship time I give to the Lord. This is what strenghtens and draws me closer to my Lord and Savior. My relationship with Him is more important to me than staying away from certain foods during a paticular time of the year. Well, this is my experience that I have had for many years So I hope you have a blessed day. May God bless you.
• United States
8 Apr 10
I'm not very religious and really never have. I was raised Lutheran and hated it! I had religion jammed down my throat by the lutheran grade school i went to and my father. I hated going to church and going to a Luteran grade school. I hate my father making us to go to church! I hated it even more when he stopped going to church (his excuse was to watch all-star wrestling!) and made the rest of the family go! What a hypecrite! So if giving something up for Lent might of been brought up. If it was I wasn't listening. I do rememmber the pastors made a point to mention it would be a good idea to attend church during the week during lent! Anyway I would never give anything up for Lent! I think it is stupid. I also wouldn't give up something only if I really needed to or wanted to! I still call myself a Christian but not much of a practicing one!