Will our planet be ruled by Robos or genetically created new species?

April 3, 2010 2:53am CST
Hi there, We often have seen movies that showcase Machines taking over Humans,But does anyone have ever thought of being ruled by someone that is being created by our own,I am talking about Robos and other Genetically developed species,For example Liger being a Hybrid of Lion and Tiger,Something like that if developed might have a drastic effect to our life and can endanger the Human origin.So please show some light on this topic!!!!
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@redhotpogo (4435)
• United States
3 Apr 10
Genetically engineered humanoids maybe, but not robots. Robots will always be controlled by humans. They are only machines. They're only as intelligent as their programming.
@mrfdg1972 (3238)
• Philippines
3 Apr 10
hello, the main problem of our nations is energy, sources of energy that wont hurt our planet. these robos eats a lot of energy so you wont be seeing much of those in the near future, not in our lifetime.
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
3 Apr 10
I think if we not careful we will be slave by our creation in near future. We have to be updated and careful in our invention and creating new gadget in our future time.