Do you save your ticket stubs?

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April 5, 2010 4:53pm CST
After you've seen a movie in theaters, what do you do with your ticket stub? Do you just throw it away or do you save it? Do you have some sort of ticket-stub photo album where you keep them all? I ask because ever since I saw Twilight for the first time (In other words, since November 21, 2008), I've saved every single ticket stub that I've gotten, even if I hated the movie. I've been putting them all under the same push-pin on my bulletin board, but now since I'm nearing 20 ticket stubs, the pin's not going to hold them much longer. I'm thinking that maybe I'll tape them inside a notebook so the ink doesn't get all smudged. How about you? Do you save your ticket stubs or throw them away?
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5 Apr 10
That's pretty cool. I may consider trying that. Unfortunately, I don't go out to movies too often, so I wouldn't have many if I had collected them. For the most part, I put it in my pocket (when I go in to see the movie), forget about it for a week, and pull it out and throw it away, lol. So there's a sort of delay before I throw mine away. =P
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@amybrezik (2120)
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6 Apr 10
I am almost 29 years old, and I have been saving my tickets stubs since I was a child. I used to just have them on my wall, not I have them in a bag, not sure what I am going to do with them, but I even went so far as to write on the back who I went to the movie with. Movie ticket stubs are not the only stubs I save, I have movies, sporting events, musicals, pretty much anything I have been to that requires a ticket. They bring back good memories, and I probably will put them in some sort of scrapbook at some point.