Starting a new job!

April 5, 2010 6:52pm CST
I have just started a new job and i'm excited to get working. It will be doing homecare for individuals. But the thing is it's not in my city. I have to travel to the surrounding small cities and they pay for travel by the time it takes to get from one home to another. And I had another company call me as well not sure if they are calling to offer me the job but thats what I'm hoping. It doesn't pay as much but atleast there is no traveling. So my question is how do you quit a job that you just started if I find that it's costing me more to travel than what they are paying me? I don't have much experience with having to quit jobs since I've only had one real job that I worked at for 10 years and was easy to quit when they only offer you three hours a So how do you quit a new job without burning your bridges with them?
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