what would tou prefer- healthy or tasty food?

April 5, 2010 8:47pm CST
if you have to choose between health and taste, what you would choose. on one side you have your precious health , while on other side you have quest for delicious food i would go with.....hmm i cannot decide, what you say about this?
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@saphrina (31733)
• South Africa
6 Apr 10
I prefer healthy food, which should be prepared tasty. And i know you thought of fastfood again. Leave that alone, it is unhealthy. TATA.
@jinjer168 (1598)
• Philippines
6 Apr 10
I preferred to eat healthy foods most of the times but healthy foods tend to be less appetizing than unhealthy ones. Of course there are still some of them that are both healthy and nutritious like fruits. But repetition of everything was somewhat tiring for me and my mouth still looks for variation so i indulge with not so healthy but very tasting foods.
@CJscott (4182)
• Canada
6 Apr 10
On one side you have your precious and health, and on the other side you have a quest for delicious food. Right in the middle you have a Balance between the two. I love examples, so bear with me. You may not have heard all of the food I will mention. You may not have it available in your area. First off, I strongly suggest a diet that uses Grains as the staple of life, so, what grains do you eat each day? I love oatmeal, with cinnamon, raisins, or organic berries. I would love to try steel cut oats, with acai and goji berries. Expensive, but super tasty and good for you. I also enjoy whole grain, wheat breads, and multi grain breads. I like brown rice, and quinoa, and caveda nuda, and I am sure there are more grains that I have yet to try. They are tasty, especially when prepared with the right spices. Not salt. Vegetables and fruits are quite tasty as well. Very good for you too, but too much can lead too...bathroom issues. So, eat them with prudence and thanksgiving. Fresh berries are the best, I sometimes forget my own advice, with fresh cherries at cherry season, and strawberries during strawberry season, and my toilet knows it. There are many vegetables and fruits, including seaweed that are very tasty, and nutritious as well. Especially seaweed, for the most part, the most nutritionally dense thing you can digest, I use Limu Plus for this. And, meat, sparingly. Between the time they kill and animal and it gets to your freezer do you know what happens to the meat? How it is processed? It gives me the shivers each time I think of it, but I still really like meat, so I try to buy organic from the hutterites, or use substitutes such as soy. Just me. But like I said, find the Balance for you. With appreciation.
@samson1967 (7422)
• India
6 Apr 10
Hi Ahsu, dont I get healthy food with good taste??? Generally most of the healthy foods are not tasty, isnt???I give preference to taste, only when my tongue is bad.